Daily routines

This post describes a living design plan for my daily life. It lays down an ordered set of task I run almost every day and gives reason for them and their order. I might update the set if and when new knowledge reveals itself.

Everybody has tasks they repeat every day. Like the first meal of the day, stuff to do before sleep and so on. Some of the tasks are necessity, others are for pure joy. Still our life experience eventually reveals which ones are valuable. Their order is also meaningful. Some tasks just work better when ordered correctly, like exercise before eating and not the other way around.

I am not saying everybody has the same needs or receives same benefits from certain doings. The set of tasks and their reasons given below tend to work for me and thus might give you ideas too. The will to improve one’s life is the only thing that works for everybody.


Wake up. Pretty crucial although hard sometimes.

Silent your mind from pressing thoughts. Push them after breakfast. Otherwise too much mental load too early, drains your battery.

Exercise. Even a bit, just enough to get you winded. Wakes up the body, activates brain areas. Do this before breakfast because two reasons. First, physical activity feels more painful when there is stuff in your stomach. It is already painful enough. Second, the breakfast will reward the pain. Instant positive feedback for your brain’s reward system right in the morning! In your face, brain!

Eat breakfast. Diverse and protein-rich meal works best here. Leave high carb food as a pleasure for the evening.

Plan your day. A simple todo list works well at this detail level. Plans are doomed to fail but they still give you direction and help you in recognising stuff done efficiently together. Also, planning frees up your mind, no need for you to constantly refresh what to do next. Remember to put happy things, empty slots, and breaks into your plan, otherwise the plan becomes a binding evil and soon you will not do it.


Eat supper. Healthy and carb-rich food to reward you for burdens of the day. Moderately. Gives you a warm feeling and helps in falling in sleep.

Akseli Palén
Hi! I am a creative full-stack web developer and entrepreneur with strong focus on building open source packages for JavaScript community and helping people at StackOverflow. I studied information technology at Tampere University and graduated with distinction in 2016. I wish to make it easier for people to communicate because it is the only thing that makes us one.

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