Renovation of

Raision Jumpparit is a finnish gymnastics organisation with over 1000 members. Their website with over 200 pages needed a big face lift and transfer to a next generation Sporttisaitti content management system (CMS) within less than three months and with a budget range of 2000–4000 euros. In June 2018 I took up the challenge. The new site was successfully published on 31st of August.

The key tasks in the project were:

  • Explore and present possible technical challenges and possibilities
  • Transfer text, images and other content from about 200 pages to the new site.
  • Simplify, reformat, and update business-critical content such as time tables, prices, and sign up and contact information.
  • Redesign navigation paths and information hierarchy
  • Arrange a workshop to introduce key members to the new CMS.
  • Transfer organisation’s email and domain services to a more competent service provider.

For comparison, here are screenshots of the old and the new front page of the

Image 1: The old front page just before release of the new site.
The new front page of in September 2018.
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