Document management consultation for Recion Oy

Recion Oy is in the business of industrial piping systems. In that area of business, documents matter a lot. Every system requires a complex set of plans, pipeline design drawings, standards, certificates and validation. Maintaining such a mountain of highly interlinked documents is not a simple task.

In the early spring 2019, I provided some data migration and document management consultation for Recion. The task was to explore sound alternatives to their current document management system. The task turned out to be quite challenging due to the diversity of documents, usage patterns, and the sheer amount of data. Fortunately, I already had a little familiarity with their system, thanks to a summer job with the same great people almost a decade earlier at YIT.

All in all, it was interesting to observe how complex these large systems can grow and how important role a proper document management can play in a business.

Akseli Palén
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