Xeli Taataa: Over 22000 photos on a zoomable surface

To test out the capabilities of the zoomable square image world Taataa, I fed it all my photographs taken in year 2013 and before. Thanks to a space-filling algorithm designed by Samil Bavautdin, I was able to arrange the photos on a rectangular spiral. The most recent photos were at the middle and the oldest near the edges. The result looked a bit like some decorative carpet!

The resulting zoomable website was available at xeli.taataa.at for many years. However in 2020, I decided to take it down due to the increasing need for maintenance that is typical for experimental websites. Maybe someday I will bring it back up when the project Taataa has matured well.

Akseli Palén
Hi! I am a creative full-stack web developer and entrepreneur with strong focus on building open source packages for JavaScript community and helping people at StackOverflow. I studied information technology at Tampere University and graduated with distinction in 2016. I wish to make it easier for people to communicate because it is the only thing that makes us one.

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