Fear the Melting

Color mapping of a photograph after dynamic compression. 2021.

In the original photo, an old tree has grown algorithmic patterns on the thickest parts of its bark. Fresh bark and the tree growth bends and breaks the old bark. The breaking of the wood’s protective tissue remarkably resembles other natural breaking processes such as polar ice cap melting. Photo was captured using Pentax K-3 with Pentax 100 mm F2.8 Macro and a circular polarizer.

Prints available: High quality 13″ x 19″ (330 x 483 mm) semi-gloss print. 50 € a piece incl. VAT. Contact me for details.

Akseli Palén
Hi! I am a creative full-stack web developer and entrepreneur with strong focus on building open source packages for JavaScript community and helping people at StackOverflow. I studied information technology at Tampere University and graduated with distinction in 2016. I wish to make it easier for people to communicate because it is the only thing that makes us one.

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