Website for Minimikoti Project in co-operation with Finnish Housing Fair

To my surprise, I was asked to create a website to display eight minimal housing solutions created by eight architecture students. The houses were a part of Minimikoti project of the School of Architecture at Tampere University of Technology. The project was managed by Finnish Housing Fair and the designs were targeted to be on display in Kuopio Housing Fair in summer 2010.

The project was quite fun and creative to begin with! The site turned out quite fresh and personal. Addition to looks, I was tasked to built a commenting and rating system with some user management. Although the fancy features finished on time and felt nice, the features were later closed as unnecessary burden for site moderators.

The site was online and hosted by Finnish Housing Fair at for some time but was soon closed, probably after the Kuopio fair was over.

Update: I brought the site back online in 2020! Although everything relevant is still in place, I had to remove the commenting and rating features to ensure minimal need for maintenance. See the resurrected Minimikoti site at

The source code is available at

Akseli Palén
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